Providing the highest-quality products and services at every stage is non-negotiable. Its what earns your trust and respect and we wouldnt have it any other way.

Quality assurance is essential in ensuring that products meet the required standards. It involves consistent checks and monitoring throughout the production process. This helps identify and fix any issues before products reach customers, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in the brand.

Quality Assurance

Providing quality products and services at every stage.
Compliance and Collective Success
At Eumena, quality is at the core of everything we do. The c in GMP is a constantly moving target. Because regulatory agencies and industry standards continue to evolve, we focus on exceeding current GMP guidelines. At Eumena, we are never satisfied with where we are today but focused on meeting tomorrows compliance expectations.
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The Key Principles of Purity Quality Assurance is Ensuring Excellence
Delivering Safe and Effective Solutions
The Building Blocks of Life: Navigating the World of Cell Biology
Quality is built into everything we do, from our people to our processes, products and services. We believe that investment in quality leads to profitability through competitive pricing, regulatory community trust, an empowered workforce, and improved turnaround time.
Our Quality Approach
We have invested in promoting a culture of exceptional quality. Our quality assurance department represents 10% of our workforce, and they offer guidance and oversight at every stage of a products development and manufacture.

Our business model and Quality Systems are designed to achieve consistent product quality through thoughtful quality planning, control and measurement. Piis Quality Systems consist of four key elements: process performance and product quality monitoring, corrective action and preventive action (CAPA), change management, and internal, customer and regulatory inspections. This data is compiled, analyzed and regularly reviewed as part of Piis Key Performance Indicator (KPI) program. This continuous improvement philosophy ensures that we meet and exceed current GMP requirements.
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